Feeling Awesome Mental Health Research Project Activities

While what is deemed awesome, may be in the eyes of the beholder. Every is awesome and should see how being awesome can impact mental health.

Being awesome
Breckenridge Local DP being awesome on a mountain

This project aims to investigate a variety of positive activities and the subsequent influence on mental health. The activities must be healthy, safe, legal, and positive. All participants must follow all safety, legal, and ethical guidelines outlined for your activity. Please participate in the activity for a minimum of 20 minutes, but are encouraged to go for as long as you like. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER! You must agree to the terms and conditions and follow all guidelines.

Here are activities that have been done by other awesome people, feel free to participate in a different activity (as long as it meets the requirements above):

  • Yoga Practicing yoga can be done in a variety of ways, in a class, following a video, with friends, or just by yourself. Participate in yoga in any way you choose for a minimum of 20 minutes. Read more about the mental health benefits of yoga.
  • Art Whatever medium of art you select painting, drawing, metal, wood, any way that you feel you can express yourself artistically do it! Remember, it doesn’t matter how “good” your art is, but more the process of doing it that matters.
  • Writing Spending time writing or reflecting can be very beneficial. Creative, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journaling, or other forms of positive writing are all acceptable for this activity.
  • Gratitude Activity Showing gratitude to people has been shown to help our mental health a great deal. For this activity (after taking the pre-test click here), think about a person that you are grateful for. Write down why you are grateful for this person. letter click here to find out your next steps!
  • Skiing/Snowboarding Getting out on the mountain is something that many people find great enjoyment and satisfaction from. Shred the gnar!
  • Music Listening to, creating, and enjoying music is a form of art that touches many people. Spend a minimum of twenty minutes involved in music in some way or another.
  • Exercise A variety of forms of exercise exist, select a specific exercise that is enjoyable to you and go do it. Make sure you are able bodied and understand the risks of doing an activity. Follow all rules and safety procedures. This can be a team sport like soccer, basketball, or football, or more individual like going to the gym, weightlifting, or other activities.
  • Meditation Spending time in reflection, alone with your thoughts has many positive benefits. Spend at least 20 minutes peacefully relaxing and meditating is an excellent way to help mental health.
  • Being in nature Being out in nature can act as a recharge for people. Seeing the beauty of mother nature has many positive benefits for people.
  • Spending time with animals Dogs, cats, and other animals are often used in a therapeutic capacity to help improve people’s moods. Whatever your favorite animal is spend some time with him or her and see the effects.
  • Select any healthy activity! Don’t see an awesome activity on here that interests you and could help improve mental health? As long as it is legal, safe, and you follow all safety guidelines and rules expected you are good, just follows all the terms and conditions.

Ready to go be awesome? Click here to take your pre-test and go be awesome!