General Psychology

General Psychology  is a basic introduction to the field of psychology. At some colleges this will be one class (Psy 101), at other it will be broken down into (Psy 101 and Psy 102). The subject matter will generally cover a variety of topics. Students will get a general overview of many subjects but not necessarily dive into great depth on any.

Think of this class as a test run to see if you like field of psychology. Frequently people either love general psychology and want to take more, or have a bad experience and want no more. Truthfully, your instructor and class will have a big impact on the overall experience.

Topics that are covered in General Psychology usually include:

Each class will vary on how much time is spent on the individual subjects. The subjects will have great variability. The field is very diverse with substantial difference in approach, ideology, and goals. Each topic you have in general psychology has it’s own separate class, if not multiple classes dedicated solely to that topic.

General Psychology will always involve the study of human behavior  in some way or another. How humans behave is determined by many different factors. When taking General Psychology be open minded, willing to participate, and understand that psychology is all around you, all the time.

There is much to be learned about mental health, communication, relationships, self-improvement, studying, intelligence, and success from an introductory psychology course. Have fun, understand all the requirements, and seek to understand.

Psychology is all about people. How people are studied and investigated will depend on the specific subject and topic. Generally the subject will revolve around humans or animals in some way or another, or at least the interaction with humans.

What is Psychology to get an understanding of what this field is.