The Gratitude 100

Gratitude 100
Kailash Home Runners at 2017 Everest Marathon

What: Drew Mikita is mountain biking 100 miles to raise money for the Kailash Home kids to run in the 2018 Everest Marathon. I will be video recording messages of gratitude along my bike ride to supporters and donors. The first (and maybe only?) Gratitude 100 Bike Ride. 

When: Late September, 2017 (exact date will be determined based on weather)

Where: 100 miles on Breckenridge’s legendary trail sanctuary

How can I help?

Every dollar donated will go directly to the Kailash Home kids to run the 2018 Everest Marathon, a truly spectacular goal and event for these awesome kids. Any additional money raised will go to the home as well. If you make a $10 or more donation I will record a message of gratitude to you on my journey. This will include funny stories, memories, and messages of love and gratitude, probably tears and laughing as well. Donate Now!

Businesses and companies looking to support the effort can also make a donation and have a message recorded or shout out of some kind to their business. I can also use in-kind donations like bike tunes/gear, nutrition, and if anyone has a hook up at Go-Pro or knows a rep that would be good too!

When I am riding alone, I love to sing, at the top of my lungs, helps with mindfulness! If you are feeling a little more charitable, for a $50 donation you can request a song for me to sing to OR let me dedicate something to you! Warning, if you go deaf from my singing, I told you it would be bad!

Having run the Everest Marathon with Molly in 2016, I know how empowering, life changing, and unforgettable of an experience it was. When we met the children at the Kailash Home we fell in love with them! Helping the Kailash Home financially reach their goals,  encouraging others to do awesome things, and pushing my limits while being grateful are my goals of the Gratitude 100.

This event evolved after finding my happy place on my bike this summer. Being dissatisfied with where I was in life, a major change was necessary.  I started pedaling among other positive choices. When Molly told me she was going to do a 100 mile run in September I was fired up. I wanted to help support her in any way possible, cooking, running, whatever. She motivated me to do something huge like that too, but what? Then she suggested a 100 mile bike ride. Yep. This has encouraged me to stay healthy and feel better.

Molly inspired me to try to do something ambitious and lofty. I want to support others striving for a goal, the Kailash Home and people around me. Thanks, Molly, I couldn’t be more grateful for your encouragement and love. I think about my favorite people, places, and businesses while I ride, and am grateful for them. I feel so open and free on my bike, I want to share these moments with you all! My friends, Brain and Meg suggested charging you all for the messages!

If you don’t have any money, you can still help! Share about the Gratitude 100 on social media. Encourage friends to support the event. Since starting my intentional practice of gratitude it has helped me feel better every day. No worries if you can’t donate, just practice more gratitude. This makes the world be a better place, so be grateful and pass it along!