Technology Addiction Quiz

Are you technology addicted? Take the following technology addiction quiz to determine if, or how addicted you are to technology. Read more about Technology Addiction from Free Psychology Help!


Have you ever

Teched while driving Never Sometimes Frequently

Made Excuses, Defended, justified tech use, or someone has commented on your teching?

Never Sometimes Frequently

Use tech in bed (Sounds so dirty!) Never Sometimes Frequently

Tech while out with friends or Tech when someone else is talking

Never Sometimes Frequently

Think or talk about teching when not using it Never Sometimes Frequently

Tech when someone else is talking Never Sometimes Frequently

If you don’t know an answer to a question you quickly go to tech

Never Sometimes Frequently

When your battery dies or tech is failing you get very frustrated, or find another device

Never Sometimes Frequently

Tech is a part of meal time Never Sometimes Frequently

Use multiple forms of tech at once (Multi-tasking)

Never Sometimes Frequently


Never:  0 points
Sometimes:  5 points
Frequently:  10 points

Total up your score for all ten questions

0-15= Your tech relationship seems healthy

15-30= You may be using tech appropriately, but could improve

30-45= To quote Keith Olbermann, “World’s out here, pal!”

45-60=Time for a light Digital Diet! (see below)

60-75= This test probably is the longest you haven’t looked at a screen, but you probably took it online anyways.

75+= As a Licensed Professional Counselor, it is my legal obligation to tell you something, “PUT THE PHONE DOWN! STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! YOU CAN SURVIVE!”